The Art of Pitching Influencers

Jan 18, 2021 | Influencer Marketing 101

Everything You Need to Know To Land Your Next Brand Ambassador

Let’s talk about pitching. 
This topic is a breeze for some, and for others it’s a struggle, but for all, it is necessary and important to be done correctly so you can get a higher chance of either A) getting the brand sponsorship/collab if you’re an influencer, or B) getting the influencer to work with you if you’re a brand/business, depending on what side of the coin you’re on.
Pitching, for everyone, has the same ultimate goal: get a call-to-action completed by whom you’re sending your pitch to. The difference is depending on who it’s coming from and to whom you’re sending it. In this blog post, we wanted to help out our friends on the brands’ side by guiding you through what your pitches to influencers should look like to be most effective.
Click here to download the custom ‘plug-n-play’ pitch template.

When it comes to brands pitching their products or services to influencers, there are a couple of things that should always be kept in mind. 

  • Get to Know Them: When we say “get to know them” we don’t mean follow them a few minutes before you send them your pitch. We mean follow them a few weeks before you plan on pitching to them. Engage with them, comment and like their posts, watch how they engage with their followers, and see how you are going to tell them that collaborating with your brand will benefit them and their audience. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know their work and begin to think about how working together will fit into their space and your brand. 
  • Personalize Your Pitch: Since you’ve been following this influencer for a while now, you’ll know how to personalize it and tailor it to attract the attention of the person you’re reaching out to. Don’t start with a generic “Dear Blogger,” and do not for the love of g*d, DO NOT, start with how great your brand is and how this is a very important opportunity for them. 
  • Be Specific: It’s best to give them an offer that is specifically tailored to the exact potential of each influencer in terms of platform/outlet, reach, engagement and content quality. Also, avoid putting a broad request of what’s possible or what’s expected; it’s better to be straight to the point of what your goals are, while also leaving space for creative freedom, conversations, negotiations, and input for the influencer’s thoughts and ideas. Remember, this is a collaboration. You’ll have to work together to create an optimal outcome.
  • Create the Full Experience: Make sure your offer has an interactive component. If you want them to review a product, what better way to leave an honest review than by giving them the opportunity to have a real-life experience with it? Send out a sample of your product or offer a free service and make the influencer go on a consumer’s journey with what you’re offering so that when it comes to reviewing time and/or agreeing to other terms, expectations, and payments, the influencer will have had an actual experience to start with.
  • Strive for a Long-Term Relationship: While it’s important to get an influencer to accept your offer and participate in your current campaign, it is also critical to use pitch opportunities as a way to introduce yourself and create a new valuable relationship between your brand and an influencer. Creating these types of relationships are beneficial for both parties because they can use each other for reference, support, and portfolio opportunities. In the influencer marketing industry, building these long-term relationships not only helps your brand’s consistency but in the long run, it’s also a way for you to gain an influencer’s long-term support and desire to promote your brand’s products, services or events. By sending out pitches with this in mind, you’ll be able to create a pitch that has been well-thought-out before sending, and it will increase your chances of an influencer being intrigued in your offer. 

In Conclusion

The points mentioned above are just basic things to keep in mind when it comes to brands crafting pitches to send out to an influencer. While there isn’t a perfect formula for writing a pitch that will guarantee your brand’s offer getting automatically accepted by the influencer, being aware of the aspects mentioned above does help in making a pitch that has greater chances of being read through and considered. The very best influencers receive A FLOOD of pitches day-to-day, so the goal is to send a pitch that will show that you did your research and an offer of something that would be mutually beneficial if you’d collab together.
Keeping all of that in mind, we also thought ahead and created a custom ‘plug-n-play’ pitch template for you use as inspiration when drafting your next pitch to a potential influencer partner.

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