The 5 Tiers of Influencer Measurements

Jan 17, 2021 | Influencer Beginners, Influencer Marketing 101

In our “What is Influencer Marketing” blog post, we briefly mentioned the different “sizes” of influencers that exist, but since we only went over the surface of this topic, we wanted to take the opportunity to go more in-depth regarding the variety of influencer levels, and the pros & cons of each one. Although there is no governing body, or official group to create a measuring system, this is what WE use to guide ourselves and our clients at The Influencer Grapevine. 


Less than 10K Followers/Subscribers/Reach
This is the largest group of influencers that are known to have the smallest number of followers, but the highest engagement rates. Since their audience is so small, they can create more personal relationships with the people that follow them. They truly KNOW their followers and have likely met a good majority of them in person. They are “tiny but mighty” and shouldn’t be underestimated. Nano-Influencers usually influence a brand’s product or service to their followers which usually consists of their friends, family, colleagues, and the local community. 
Examples of Nano-Influencers we love: @ellatitus @brookie_ @lachicsociety


10K – 50K Followers/Subscribers/Reach
These influencers also have a great engagement rate and are the ones that can also have high conversion rates. This is because, similarly to nano influencers, they can build closer personal relationships with their followers, which results in their audience believing and trusting their recommendations. These are the influencers who are at the beginning stages of what we like to call “the sweet spot.” It’s where all necessary influencer-contracting fees are the fairest, and they can best do the jobs they’re being commissioned for. 
Examples of Micro-Influencers we love: @themaleprepster @thekennedycurate @pincaboo @cayleth @journeyofabraid

Mid-Level Influencers

50K – 250K Followers/Subscribers/Reach
This is a level that we use internally to talk about those that define “the sweet spot.” There are the influencers whose engagement rate, although not the highest is still good; the ones that respond to comments and DMs, creating trusting, long-term relationships; the ones that because of the relationships with their audience, can drive a positive ROI and make conversions; and lastly, they are the ones that best represent the term “influencer.”
Examples of Mid-Level Influencers we love: @hadyouatsalaam @lu.levy @joudelj @eddieotero


250K – 1M Followers/Subscribers/Reach
Macro influencers are those at the beginning stages from growing out of “the sweet spot” and into being celebrities and famous. Engagement rates are significantly lower compared to the levels previously mentioned, and the same goes for conversions. However, these are the influencers that are the best for exposure to new audiences and brand awareness. They will help to introduce your brand to the many loyal people who follow them, allowing your brand to reach more of its target audience as well as increase awareness in other sub-audiences. 

Mega Influencers

More than 1M Followers/Subscribers/Reach
These are the influencers that have overpassed being influencers and have reached celebrity status. Because of their high following, it becomes harder to respond to all comments and DM’s so engagement rate and conversion levels are usually at the lowest, but brand awareness and brand exposure are at the highest. People with these levels of followers are best known and used for getting a variety of people of all demographics to become in some way, shape, or form exposed to your brand. 
Examples of Mega-Influencers we love: @lizakoshy @rocky_barnes @desiperkins @weworewhat

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Now that we have gone through all the levels of influencers, it should be a little easier to select and vet the proper influencers for your brands’ next influencer marketing campaign. When it comes to choosing the proper influencer, make sure to be clear on the main goal you want: high conversions or high exposure. Those factors are what’s going to best guide you to choose the best-“sized” influencers for the success of your campaign. 
As for influencers, knowing what tier you fall into in the industry is important. It can be used as your biggest negotiation tool and your greatest strength to promote yourself as a professional and experienced influencer. 
While knowing the difference between influencer “sizes” is necessary, there are many other aspects to know for both brands and influencers to be able to use this knowledge to their advantage. We wanted to help those delving into the influencer industry, and share a free voucher for $100 off any paid monthly retainer service at The Influencer Grapevine. So, as an influencer, you can get $100 off of your first month of agency representation and as a brand, you can get $100 off of campaign management. Click the image below to book your free strategy session with Kat. This offer is only valid until March 1st, and only if your Strategy Session Call is booked & scheduled between now and February 1st!