Brands- 3 Reasons You Need Influencer Marketing Now MoreThan Ever

Jan 18, 2021 | Social Media

Things are changing in so many industries during this worldwide pandemic. Everyone is affected in different ways. Now that brick-and-mortar locations are closed to the public due to social distancing and quarantine orders, brands and businesses have to rethink operations. Now that SO many people are online, more hours per day than before, the world is being held together with digital communication. The need for other options when it comes to marketing is getting real. Luckily, Influencers are not only an option for you, but quite possibly the best shot you have with the current state of the world.

Organic Content

Relevant, genuine content from an Influencer’s platform builds trust with the consumer, especially during a crisis. Sharing brand values through Influencer Marketing creates a secure relationship. When it comes to branding, a lot of the buying decisions surrounding your products have to do with how your products make people FEEL. This isn’t a new concept; but in these crazy times, good feelings need to be emphasized as much as possible. What better way to do that than via the raving reviews and recommendations of your products by your target customer’s favorite Influencer? Take advantage of the fact that the masses are on their phones, scrolling through social media at a much higher rate than before since many are practicing social distancing and staying isolated.
We do NOT suggest you take advantage of people’s fear and scarcity mentality by creating more fear-mongering with your advertising! But we do recommend that you capitalize on the fact that, during this time, you have a unique opportunity to get more eyeballs on your organic content. Utilizing Influencers to multiply that reach and impact is a win-win for everyone.

Digital Advertising

While in isolation, your brand has to rely solely on digital media to influence purchasing decisions. Influencers can create and post content consistently to reach your target audience. As mentioned, with the uptick in screen time that people are spending consuming content on social media, there are a couple of things your brand should be doing digitally to stay relevant and connected to your customers:
1) A continuous flow of content,
2) conversation around your products or business, and
3) the word of mouth nature of social media that strengthens brand recognition and builds trust.
Many retail stores are closing their doors and adapting the way they operate to become online-only. There will naturally be more competition for brands that already operate completely online. That means no matter what your brand is and where its social presence stands on its own, desperate times call for measures with an edge- a tactic like Influencer Marketing. This could be your brand’s golden opportunity to build a bigger presence in a more rapid and impactful way. For more ways in how Influencer Marketing can work for your business, check out this blog post.

Community Strength

With the current situation surrounding our orders to self-quarantine, we’re all looking to feel united. Influencers provide community and solidarity during a crisis by sharing their go-to products and feel-good activities. Although the stock market fluctuations have everyone freaked out about their financial positions right now, people are hoarding items and stocking up on things they believe will help them weather this pandemic. People are in the mentality of surrounding themselves with things that comfort them as they self-quarantine. One of those things could be your product or service that makes them feel comforted, safer, cleaner, more connected with others, or more entertained. Not only could your product be exactly what people need right now, but the way you go about delivering it to people and showing up on behalf of your brand could be what the larger community needs to start rebuilding! It says a lot about the values of your brand, your mission statement, and the commitment to customers your company upholds if you prioritize your communities- especially during something insane like a global pandemic.
Your industry, niche, or the jobs of your target market could be largely affected by the current state of the world. The economic fallout (the great unknown) has people completely freaked out! All you need to do is take a look at the grocery stores to see that current spending decisions are pretty fear-driven at the moment. Ask yourself how your brand and the people who represent it (Influencers) can be a resource, provide a safe space, or offer helpful connectivity during a time where we feel so scared and divided.
If you’re ready to flesh out exactly how your brand can be a part of community building AND find a sustainable marketing solution, you can book a strategy call RIGHT HERE. For more resources and information about how you can utilize influencer marketing through the good, the bad, and the ugly times, head over to our Instagram!