How To Find Influencers on Tik Tok For Your Next Campaign

Jun 29, 2020 | Advice for Brands, Social Media

Activating an Influencer strategy for your next brand awareness campaign is a great idea to execute on Tik Tok for so many reasons. They understand what works on the platform, and what doesn’t. Their large and diverse audiences can be more easily reached with the Tik Tok algorithm than Instagram. Utilizing this emerging platform in conjunction with Influencers’ reach is a surefire way to get exposure for Brands that have a desire to tap into a large audience quickly. The influencer marketing opportunities on TikTok are sprouting up left and right and you can use the below tips to guide you in your search for the best influencers for your Brand’s next campaign.

Step 1:

Identify your target audience: if you know who your target audience is, you can easily find exactly which influencers resonate with them most. Some people think the audience demographic on the Tik Tok platform all consists of Generation Z youngsters, but that’s not entirely true. While Gen Z have been the earliest adopters of the app, more and more Millennials, Gen X’ers and even a vast number of Baby Boomers are catching on. So if you are wrestling with whether your audience can even be reached on this platform, rest assured that there are all ages and demographics of people using Tik Tok and you will be able to reach them. That said, even the age and demographics of the Influencers themselves are important to think about when you are targeting people. The good news is that you have options and you can test which Influencers are better fit to help target your ideal audience.

Step 2:

Search for relevant and trending content on TikTok: Use the discover page to look through the “Hashtags,” “Sounds,” “Videos,” “Users,” and “Top” tabs. This informs the type of content that’s doing well in your brand’s niche, industry, or within the subject matter that’s most relevant to your target audience. Another tip is to check out the sponsored content that’s trending on Tik Tok in a similar way by searching #ad or #sponsored to get a peek at what campaigns your competitors are running with influencers.

Step 3:

Narrow down your list of potential Influencers to work with by using the following guiding points to check for ultimate alignment with your Brand and campaign goals: Topic + Hashtag, Location, Follower Size, Engagement Rate.
Topics + Hashtags
It’s helpful to know the type of topics that Influencers are creating videos around that have to do with the industry your brand is in. For example, if you have a line of kitchenware products, you’ll want to check out the subtopics and hashtags that come up under video categories related to food and cooking on Tik Tok. Searching the right relevant topics and hashtags can help you find top talented creators that are dominating their niches to potentially work with.
If your campaign goals are set to target customers primarily in the US, that would be something to keep in mind when looking for Influencers to work with on Tik Tok. For example, let’s say someone has a great following, dominates the niche and hashtag discoverability through which your brand could be discovered, but you don’t ship to all countries and they primarily influence people outside the country you’re targeting. In this case, you would want to look for someone else to activate for your next campaign.
Follower size
Once you align the campaign goal with the tier of Influence (if you’re unsure about this, read more in THIS BLOG POST), it will be a lot easier to filter your influencer search in terms of follower size. A large follower count is great and all, but it doesn’t mean a thing if the targeting is too wide. There is something to be said about having a large and diverse audience for awareness-based campaigns because brand exposure is supposed to be cast with a larger net. However, if you have expectations of converting any new customers through your Influencer campaign on Tik Tok, it may be smarter to pick a creator with a smaller follower base. Not to mention, if the rate you’re paying is based on the follower count, you could be paying a pretty inflated penny without assurance that you’re reaching the right target audience. If your brand is in a very small or specific niche, or the product/service you offer is for a very select group of people, going with Micro-Influencers to promote you on Tik Tok would be a better idea, just like we always say when it comes to Instagram.
Engagement Rate
We talked a ton about engagement rate and why it is so important when selecting Influencers to work with in THIS POST. While we have to understand that engagement rate on Tik Tok will look a little different than it does on other social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, we can still go by a simple formula that gives a good estimate of how powerful a creator’s influence may be. Knowing the engagement rate of an Influencer’s existing content gives you an idea of the ROI you can expect to receive in terms of awareness. With engagement on content, we consider effective measurement of the resonance and awareness of your brand messaging through the amount of actions people take on a piece of content (likes, comments, shares, etc.).
Engagement Rate = ((total number of comments + total number of likes + total number of shares ) / Total number of followers) * 100


In summary, if you are trying to find talent on Instagram that can help you with your next influencer marketing campaign, you can utilize the functions and search abilities built right into the app in a strategic way, like we’ve talked about in this post. But if this all seems a bit daunting or overwhelming to you, we get it- and we’re happy to help take some of the pressure off! We can offer you a custom list of potential influencers to work with that are right for you and your brand goals. CLICK HERE to learn more!